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Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Located in Hendricks County, Indiana. We  believe that dancing should be a part of every child’s education; for in all its  varied phases it combines pleasure and exercise, develops grace and poise,  improves posture and helps build strong bodies. Dancing develops coordination of mind and body, of course some become  more proficient than others depending on natural ability and how they apply  themselves, but all improve and attain confidence through the joy of rhythmic  expression. Dance Unlimited offers instruction in  tap, ballet, jazz, and tumbling. 




Owner: Lori Page

Dance Unlimited

610 D West Main Street.  Pittsboro, Indiana, 46167 United States

Lori Page - Owner 317.946.1497

Please note that our mailing address for payments or registration is:

7409 Woodland Drive Brownsburg, IN 46112


The story behind the studio...

Article from the Hendricks County Flyer

Dance instructor carries on tradition of her mother

By Lynn Hamilton

BROWNSBURG — Lori Page may have earned a business degree at Indiana University, but she said her passion for dancing eventually overcame her desire  to do anything else.

“I realized that I loved dance and that’s where I needed to be,” she said. “I thought I wanted to try something else, but when I got out of it, I realized how much I loved it and that it would always be a part of my life.”


Page taught dance classes in Bloomington before moving to Greencastle, where she started her own studio, Dance Unlimited, in the USDA building’s basement in 1983.

“We had moved to a town where I didn’t know a soul,” she said. “I thought it  would be a good way to meet people.”

A few years later, she and her husband John moved to Brownsburg and her business  moved with her. She worked in a couple of different locations before finally  opening up shop at her current location — 18 Whittington Dr. — above the  Brownsburg Bowl.

Page said she got her start in dancing at age 2. Her mother, who lives in Bloomington, was a professional dancer and still — at age 76 —teaches dance and performs.

“I hope that I can do that,” Page said. “As long as I’m up and moving.”

She now teaches several classes a day at Dance Unlimited, along with 10 fitness classes a week at different gyms, and she teaches dance at Brownsburg High  School in the mornings. Classes at Dance Unlimited vary from preschool classes, starting at age 3, to adult classes, including an adult tap class.

Page added that her sons Christopher, who is now 19 and attends Butler  University, and Jordan, a senior at BHS, both danced when they were young. She  also taught Chris and his football buddies ballet at their coach’s request.

“It was really fun,” she said. “I had like 300-pound football players in here  doing ballet.”

She also taught fitness at a soccer boot camp for boys at the high school.

“My son said that was the hardest workout they’d ever had,” Page said.

Page said the most rewarding thing about teaching dance, however, is seeing her students — and their confidence — grow. Her classes, she said, are beneficial  even to those who don’t want to be professional dancers.

“I try to teach dance as a life skill,” she explained. “I teach posture, relaxation, use of muscles, and how dancing can keep you fit for the rest of  your life.”

Sarah Jacobson said her daughter Caitlyn, 5, has enjoyed her two years at Dance Unlimited.

“We figured it would be good for her coordination and she has fun with the other  girls,” Sarah said.

Caitlyn added that her favorite part of class is, “Doing the scarf thing, you spin around. I like everything else too.”

For more information about Dance Unlimited or to sign up for a class, call  (317) 852-6998.

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